Rhythmix continues to set itself a number of distinct targets as well as trying to achieve broader aims such as encouraging the development of young people’s personal skills and promoting their artistic expression. The following facts and figures illustrate the success achieved by Rhythmix in phase 2. ( The project’s aims and objectives are set out in full in About us | Aims and objectives)


Rhythmix aims to provide ongoing music-making opportunities across the south east region.

During Year 2 Rhythmix tutors worked with

13,662 young people

Participants by region

Brighton and Hove

Target 1070 Achieved 1116

East Sussex

Target 2310 Achieved 3112


Target 1780 Achieved 2630


Target 4840 Achieved 6804

In the past year Rhythmix has worked with more than 5000 young people.

In a survey, 91% of respondents stated that they would wish to continue with music in either a formal or informal context, with 18% adding that they would consider a career related to music after their Rhythmix experience.

Mixing Styles

Rhythmix aimed to develop links between styles of music-making within the project, fusing African rhythms to Music Technology or Rock guitar into Samba.

Not only did the projects successfully manage to merge different forms of music to create new music styles, but these projects were among the most successful in the second phase. Developments between digital technology, including video samples, produced some of the most exciting work in the last year, with young people able to create their own film soundtracks to accompany videos that tell the story of their surroundings and interests. The fusion between singing, movement and African and South American rhythms that formed the base of the work for the Carnival 5.0 celebration (see page [insert]) brought the end of phase 2 to a fitting climax, celebrating the Action Zone’s success in this area of work.

Sustained Activity

Rhythmix has now moved into a period where we are trying to promote sustained activity amongst all our participants. This has led to a refocusing of projects, with the emphasis moving away from first time experiences and into encouraging young people to grow and develop their own music over a long period of time.

New Music Created by You

Rhythmix aims to deliver inspirational activity to young people by setting them definite targets at the end of all workshop sessions; either a performance or a recording.

In phase 2, the Rhythmix Youth Music Action Zone enabled young people to take part in more than 200 performances in front of a total audience in excess of 20,000 people.

Over 200 new compositions have been created and recorded on to CD, with more than 30 accompanying videos or films.

In our next phase we aim to hit similar targets, but also to challenge the idea that music in this format is just a one off experience we would like to see many of the young people involved moving towards developing their ideas, and even encouraging some of the most promising to think about a career in music. We are also developing plans to create the workshop leaders of the future from young people who have taken part in the programmes over the last few years.